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If you now like the bird and the bird is now going up daunya . You may also need tips to take care of him and also important how to produce a melodious voice and beautiful . And now many bird contest held in several places , and also the selling price of these birds is very expensive if the bird wins in the contest . And now that sdang brung in the search by the search of birds are birds ciblek .( Read: perawatan burung ciblek )
This bird has 2 types of chest ciblek yellow and white chest , but there is a difference between the two types of birds when the birds are white chest ciblek lost the battle , when the healing process will definitely old birds compared ciblek yellow chest . This bird is very beautiful sound and very tight if the birds are silent emergency tone will sound higher and higher to make the sound good to hear . And it is a reason why people - people choose ciblek for pet birds .
Not only for this type of pet birds often used to fight with a bird like that are often done by some people who liked the fight , and if you win in a fight bird , the bird you can appreciate very expensive , and can sammpai tens of millions to people are mad at the bird . For those of you who have ciblek birds , of course you need a good and nice perwatan so that the bird could produce a melodious voice and nice .
Ciblek bird for a day care - day :
The main foods that must be provided for each day ciblek namely :
Small crickets ( or adult crickets after the cut head , legs and wings )
Caterpillars ( caterpillars can cage / caterpillar hongkong )
Voer soft ( much kicaumania which provide milk powder into voernya )
Treatment for adult birds daily ciblek :
Daily treatment can begin by giving a small crickets 3 tails morning and afternoon
caterpillar ( to UH before giving the good eating caterpillar 's head is cut first , then in order to be great if given a fixed UH white / skin change ) number 3 heads p / s
Kroto good is at least 2 times 1 week or 3 times 1 week .
Voer given voer soft and combined with milk powder .
Drying at least 2 s / d 3 hours a day - day .
At this moment try to keep the bird hanging from a type of bird or avian predators like other woods toed / cendet / pentet .
Paste the female bird / young bird optimum 2 times 1 week throughout - 2 hours , to hone his mental .
Tips on How to Livestock Birds Lovebird Good

Tips on How to Livestock Birds Lovebird Good

This time I will share the knowledge with agan - agan all , passing on . How Livestock Birds Lovebird .
Birds Lovebird is a type of bird that is beautiful and unique with a variety of diversity to the color of his feathers , and bird flocking and usually  lovebird pastel kuning family . As with any parakeet or canary , lovebird bird is also a type of monogamous birds are faithful to their partners .

In terms of body size , birds Lovebird is a small bird with a size of 13-17 cm and a weight of 40-60 grams . Lovebird is the smallest bird species among the family of parrots . Has a compact body shape , blunt -tipped tail short , sharp beak .

Wild lovebird predominantly green color with different colors on the upper body , depending on the species . Fischer 's Lovebird , Black - cheeked Lovebird , and the Masked Lovebird have a prominent white ring around their eyes . In Indonesia, this type is called lovebird glasses .

If we want to breed birds lovebird , then things must be known in advance was to determine the sex of a lovebird to be mated , it seems to look easy , but sometimes it will be difficult for us to determine the sex of the bird .

Birds Lovebird itself will experience sexual maturity in about 1 year of age . On entering the age of 1 year , you will see new signs of sex in birds lovebird . Abroad, a bird characterized by its female lovebird who likes to rip paper and put it in fur while the stud looks to feed or food that has been spewing dilumatnya .

Physically females have larger pelvic area than males , to lay eggs , and because it tends to be in the hips look wider .
When mating birds must be in a state of Fit and lust really first of all , they should be given a healthy diet with a variety of menus . A mixture of excellent extra fooding , or high -quality grain provided with various types of mixed fresh vegetables , fresh fruits and a certain amount of healthy grains .

Keep in mind that prior to entering the age of 1 year , lovebird should not be mated . Many Lovebird sometimes breed while still immature , so they have not been good at taking care of the child and will give rise to new problems . If lovebird pair supplied in a nest box , then this bird will immediately perform the marriage .

Lovebird experienced a peak period of marriage in the months of temperate heat . Most lovebird require high humidity in the nest during the incubation period . While females will do the work to build a nest ( nest material must be provided ) , males sometimes will help . Lovebird need extra moisture for containing egg .

For lovebird hatching and growth of children , choose a pedestal nests clean of pests . Can the palm fronds are soaked and washed, or fresh green grass that is cut into pieces about 12 cm . this is to facilitate lovebird took them into the nest box .

While the nest box should have enough space for the children , especially birds after hatching . Nest base material should also be provided in case a backup is needed as a supplemental heating . After lovebird started to build a nest , mating will occur . Marriage will happen over and over again and the egg will appear 3-5 days later . The female will spend hours inside the nest box before eggs are laid . When it was not at all disturbed . After the first egg is laid , the next egg will follow every two days to finish usually 4-6 eggs .

Female parent will incubate the eggs for 21-23 days , and typically will receive more attention from males . Just before hatching , the children lovebird will make a slit or a small hole called a pip hole . This allows them to begin to breathe a breath of oxygen . It is also an indication that the child will hatch lovebird perfect at 12-24 hours later .

After hatching lovebird avoid touching children , because the conditions are still fragile . Parent lovebird will feed and care for them . Breastfeeding is a very important first , the mother will supply their children with vomit contains nourishing fluid containing digestive enzymes . If we take a child to be bribed lovebird will only lead the parent reluctant to re- feeding her children .

When the baby begins to mature , the handling time can be increased to 15 minutes , three times a day . This method produces a tame baby bird . After the age of 4 weeks , the majority of children will grow lovebird bird feathers and began to explore the cage , leaving the nest longer and practicing flying , climbing , and exploring objects and toys in the cage .

At the age of 8 weeks . cara beternak burung lovebird male also helps teach children to eat , regular food . Young birds should be removed immediately after they are all independent . Instinctively, the female parent is also trying to encourage the children birds go when they are old enough . Therefore , they must be transferred or parent will endanger them . Rest a few days for the finished lovebird couples produce children . Provide a time lag for issuing the nesting box , cleaning and sterilization .
A few Tips on How Raising Birds Lovebird Mr.Green , may be useful for all ane-ane

WhatsApp Block Installation to External Memory Card For Windows Phone

WhatsApp Block Installation to External Memory Card For Windows Phone

WhatsApp Block Installation to External Memory Card For Windows Phone
If the phone runs out of storage space , you can be a bit overcome by moving the application installation to an external memory card . It will not be as fast as compared to store in memory the phone itself , but can be effective alternatives to do . The options are also offered by Microsoft with Windows Phone 8.1 , but unfortunately not all applications would " treated " so .

 ( Read: cara membuat blog di blogger )
According to reports NokiaPowerUser , the latest beta WhatsApp for Windows Phone will block the installation of applications to the microSD card . WhatsApp is not clearly known why so decides , it could be something to do with performance issues , or perhaps because of legal problems , or maybe they just do not want to take advantage of that feature .

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It seems that users can not update the new version of the application to the next unless they move the application back to the phone . It is not known whether this feature of WhatsApp plans to maintain or allow the installation to the memory card after the application went out of beta . So if you want to try it , be sure to install it to the phone memory , at least for now . ( Nis )

1402 - 1496 As we know that in the 15th century , Jean de Bethencourt bring canaries for the first time to Spain and then to France , during the conquest of Canary Islands ( Canary Islands ) to King Carlos VII of the Spanish empire . At that time also , Henry the Navigator arrived in the Azores and the Canaries first brought to Portugal and the possibility to England .
Kingdom is the favorite place to maintain walnuts . The pastors in Spain also seek additional income to breed , sell and export . Canaries for sale by priests manifold only male only, thus making the control of the sale by way of monopoly because they alone can breed , it lasts many years .
(see also: perawatan kenari

According to article 1545 Conrad von Gesner , modern animal science expert , canaries also been found and maintained in the UK .
" The canary birds here , in the UK , called sugar birds and only the rich can afford to maintain ... "
At the same time also informed that canaries kept in Flanders . According to historians , at the end of the 15th century Spanish conquered America and Grenada regained from the enemy's hands . The son of Juana and Felipe , Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany Emperor inherited several countries in Europe , including Flanders , Holland , Luxemburg and Burgundy , under the pretext of the existence of trade and the relationship between this area and the blood of Spain .

1556 Recorded by history that the canary first arrived in America but still rare until the late 19th century .
1575 During the reign of Philip II of Spain ( 1575-1598 ) religious refugees from the Lower Country ( Netherlands ) arriving in the city of Norwich in the UK . These refugees brought canaries that would become the forerunner to Norwich canary types .

In the year 1585 it is believed that the first yellow canary was given by Sir Walter Raleigh to Queen Elizabeth I. To appreciate this event , composed Shakespeare sonnet that tells how the Queen transform into gold canary .

1622 Around the 16th century , has been bred canaries in Italy , they may get a female bird of illicit trafficking or sex identification errors when they are imported from Spain . The Leyend of the Island of Elba ( 1622 ) , an article of Giovanni Pietro de Olina which tells of a Spanish ship sailed into stormy Lighorn and must be anchored on the coast between the islands of Elba and Tuscany , it appears there was a charge that is released and canaries then living in the interior . The Italians immediately took advantage of the accident , breed and trade production. Canary bird traders brought along Sempai Tyrol Alps in Germany .

1667 canary -colored White Dominant seen in Germany .
1685 Huguenots fled from France to Edinburgh in the UK and brings the canary , which later became the forerunner Lizard walnut types and types that have been extinct long ago ( 1830) , London Fancy .
Hervieux de Chanteloup 1709 published his book , Nouveau Traité au Serins , in which there is a list of 29 chestnut color variations , including the Lizard , Crested , red eyes , intensive , and so forth .
1713 There is a written document and a statement of the existence of a bird that has songs such as water , which later became the forerunner of the type canaries Malinois or Waterslager .
Around the year 1750 in the Lower Country ( Flanders ) , walnut types Old Holland and then Great Canary of Ghents famous for its large size , the attitude behind the curved and slightly hairy ( Frill ) . This became the forerunner canary bird types hunchback and frill .

1770 Crested Canaries types ( having crested in the head ) was first seen , although in 1800 a new type of Crested canary officially recognized as one of the types of walnuts .
1800 From the city of Nuremburg , Germany , thousands of types Saxon walnuts are exported to all over the world . First appearance of walnut types of Belgian Hunchback ( Bossu Belge ) and became one of the first types of canary feathers behind ( Frill )
1850 Scotch Fancy was first recognized as a kind of canary .
At the 1873 British National Championships , the first visible Norwich fed dye , owned and contested by Edward Bemrose , who was wearing a type of chili as feed coloring .
1880 German Hartz Roller Canary types ( Harzer Roller ) look perfect , belonging Trute Wilhem St . Andreasburg in the Hartz Mountains , Germany .

1900 Agate color mutation results appear in canaries bred from Leewarden Helder , Holland .
1908 Walnut colored Recessive White first appeared in Mrs Lee's farm in Matinborough , New Zealand . This mutation was later reproduced in the UK and was inaugurated in 1912 .
Breeders Spain was the first to cross a canary with Red Siskin ( Carduelis Cucullata ) .
1915 Breeders Germany , Balser of Fulda and Dams of Konigsburg found that from the results of a cross between Siskin with existing fertile walnuts . Bruno Martern of Prussia producing walnuts first with the red color factor in 1925 .
1921 is Hans Duncker ( 1881-1961 ) , a teacher and part-time geneticist , along with Karl Reicht responsible for the task of producing a red canary . Their initiatives , which actually took almost his whole life , setingginya appreciated but is not complete .

From the 1930 production results and Reicht Duncker , Anthony K. Gill and Charles Bennett took over the mission . Bennett found the missing link , providing carotenes . Julius Henninger also breed birds with the desired color , genetically , can be obtained from dye feeding . His book , Farben Kanarien , Maximillian , 1962 is a practical guide to raising a walnut color .

1934 Bronze colored Walnuts were first discovered , the result of melanin walnut cross with Siskin .
1944 - 1952 and Marcel Smet Gustave Ciouta is an expert breeder walnut color , but have not found diingankan intensity of the color red . In the 1960s , Hoffman La Roche created a product to mengintensitaskan yolk color to the livestock industry ( Roxanthin Red - 10 ) . This product will be used in 1964 by the canary breeders to obtain the desired coloring in red canary .

1949 Opal color mutations obtained from a pair of Harzer Roller Rosner farm in Furth , Germany .
1950 Among the captive bred canaries P.J. Helder in Holland Rose visible mutation of a pair of red canaries . In 1960 , Ivory appeared at Willi Robner farms in Germany .
(see also: jenis burung kenari )

Melanin Pastel Colors 1959 first look of a pair of canary color Red Isabel belongs Brockmayer from Netherlands .

1960 Color dimorphic ( Mosaic ) appeared in Italy , born from crosses of red walnut with Gloster .
1965 Mutation Phaeo color visible from the farm Kuppens in Brussels , Belgium .
1966 Mutation - wing looks gray in Italy .
1967 Mutation Satinette color seen in Argentina from the farm Primitivo Calderón and two years later was found in France .
1981 Mutation Eumo color appears in Van Haaf farm in Holland .
1985 Topaz color mutation was discovered by farmers and refined by Mario Ascheri , in
1993 finally recognized by C.O.M. ( Confederation Ornithologique Mondial / World Ornithological Confederation )
1986 Onyx color mutation seen in Valencia , Spain at the ranch Beliver Brothers .
1994 Cobalt color mutation seen in Werner Karl farms in Germany .

Info About The Bird Fregata andrewsi

burung - ronggolawe
burung - ronggolawe

Large-sized ( 95 cm ) , dark colored . Males : black - green shiny bag with red beak and a white belly . Females : white chest and belly , ' spurs ' white wing extends to the bottom , white collar , pink- eye circles . Teens : more brown , pale rust-brown head , no dark lines that run across the width of the chest . Iris dark brown , half black ( male ) or kemerahjambuan ( female and juvenile ) , purplish gray legs with pink soles .
( Read: burung kenari )

Additional Info
Latin Name : Fregata andrewsi
English Name : Christmas Frigatebird
Indonesian Name : Frigatebirds christmas
Altitude : -
Endemic : -
Endemic Country : No.
Distribution : Sumatra , Borneo , Java , Bali , Sulawesi , Nusa Tenggara
IUCN Status : CR
Year of Status : 2011
Protected Areas : Yes
Restricted Range Species : No.

Identification: Large-sized ( 95 cm ) , dark colored . Males : black - green shiny bag with red beak and a white belly . Females : white chest and belly , ' spurs ' white wing extends to the bottom , white collar , pink- eye circles . Teens : more brown , pale rust-brown head , no dark lines that run across the width of the chest . Iris dark brown , half black ( male ) or reddish jambuan ( female and juvenile ) , purplish gray legs with pink soles .

Voice : Silent when at sea . Singing with the tone up and down and clapping sounds like just the time were in the nest .

Habit : Life at sea , soaring above the surface , following the hot air or circling over the fish . Capture food from the sea surface without landing or hunt other seabirds to seize food . Perch or resting on the chart above the fish and the trees on small islands .
Global Distribution : breeding in P. Christmas , Samudera Indonesia . Recorded in the north to Malaysia .

Local Distribution : Regularly listed on the coast of Sumatra and Borneo . Not rarely found in L. Java and more commonly seen on the south coast of Java , particularly the southwestern part of Java . Noted also in northern Sulawesi , Lombok ( once ) , East ( once ) .
( Read: vitamin burung )

Habitat : Shorelines
Threats : Pollution marine , mining
Other Information: It may remain non-breeding visitor in Wallacea , although there are only two records are considered valid .

The hallmark characteristics of male and female birds pleci

The hallmark characteristics of male and female birds pleci

The hallmark feature of pleci male bird , can not deny anymore the average bird is diligent gacor male sex . In my previous article I have given you a reference for how to care for birds pleci that you can read here . On this occasion I want to share information on how to choose a male bird pleci . To select pleci male bird thing you notice is the accuracy in selecting , because males and females almost equally .

The difference of the characteristics of male and female birds pleci :
( Read: ciri ciri burung pleci jantan )
The hallmark feature of the male bird pleci
The tail is longer and shaped " v "
The hallmark feature of the male bird pleci | Tail longer and shaped " v "
tail -shaped letter " V "
Beak long and somewhat thicker
The hallmark feature of the male bird pleci | beak length and rather thick
pleci with half of the ideal
Big bird head pleci
Large eyeball with a line of solid white circular glasses , sharp and thick
The hallmark feature of the male bird pleci | big eyeball glasses with circular lines are solid white , sharp and thick
eye circles that thick

The hallmark feature of the male bird pleci

pleci head smacking , and has a thick white linkar
The green color has a sharper
Can also refer to the cloaca or anus in a way that is more disabling inflatable
Proportionally longer body posture
The hallmark feature of the female bird pleci
Posture is usually spherical bodies tend to be shorter
Smaller head
Normal size eyeballs and eyebrows or circular glasses with a thinner and not solid
Shorter tail with the tail end of a flat
Part generally shorter and thinner ( Read: harga burung pleci )

Differences posture and eye color of males and females :
differences in male and female birds pleci

Hopefully after reading the hallmark traits of birds pleci you can choose which one is male and female , so may be useful .