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Tips on Caring for the Red Anis Jams Sound

Some of the birds mate, must have known bird Anis Punglor Red or Red, or at least heard the name pernahlah bird that is the current trend.

Tips on Caring for the Red Anis Anis BunyiBurung Jams Red, counted among the birds that have the most beautiful voice. The beauty of this bird sounds can also bewitch anyone who heard it. This bird has a red anise intelligence really high, so there is no other voice taught (dimaster) also, this bird can sing berariasi sound, also followed the sounds around him. Because of the advantages of this bird, so its price can soar too high, such as achievements and strengths that have.

This bird red anise, for some admirers of birds chirping, and for some beginners, starting a difficult bird sounds. These birds have a high stress level, until if care is not like a bird to the bird, the bird is also going to "cranky", and stop chirping. Beyond that, if the cage fell, sliding cage, unlike the extra fooding, indiscriminate treatment and most other triggers, this will cause the birds stop chirping.

Surely this kind of thing that would make sad to have this bird red anise. Stop singing can also throughout many months. Until that sometimes have spontaneous avian bird sale at a low price. With estimates of these birds would not go off again.

Then, most of the events, when purchasing bird bird red anise in the market in sound situation, but when brought back to the shelter, the bird suddenly will not sound again, in other words the whole jam.
Certainly many of the above will make the disappointment that has birds.

There is one way or tips that could be given one peer, how to care for red anise jam sound. When I call someone colleague, and told me about the bird red anise is not going to sing, even though at first my bird red anise is an avid bird chirping.

Bird red anise note'm asking in all his wishes, with other meanings made her happy, well here are surefire tips red anise jam sound treatment:

Birds released at 5. 00th morning, a little spray with a sprayer, give crickets and Kroto clean 2 tail bit, then hung on gantangan as high as approximately 4 to 5 mtr. up to 7 hours. 00th morning.

Then the birds in the lower cages and spontaneously enter into a bird bath. Let the bird bath to stop it up as much his own, marked by jump to the left and to the right. Then, give another 2 tailed crickets and Kroto clean little, if any give a small worm, the bird in the sun in gantangan as high as 4 -5 mtr. earlier, up to 10 hours. 00. then scaled and birds hanging in deserted areas, eg behind the residence, which is not often passing humans.

In the afternoon, at 4. 00th afternoon, the bird is washed again, and give crickets 2 tails, then dry in the sun for a while to dry, then kerodong as well as put in place to stay, in the room that no other birds.

8 hours. 00th night, the birds removed, then spray with a sprayer gently until slightly damp (do not expose the face of the bird). Then give crickets 2 tails and hanging on the terrace residence, let up to 5 hours. 00th morning (but the area must be safe, so as not to be stolen). After 5 hours. 00th morning, issued a bird and do like some way to the next beginning.

Hopefully this way, in 3-7 days, definitely going back chirping birds, usually starting at 2. 00th night birds will re-train the booms. # PlanetBerita-Bird.


Birds cucak ijo that bird has the Latin name chloripsis sonnerati chloropseidae counted in groups and has signs of dark green hair color for male birds , and has a light green fur for the female . is popular with bird chirp tone variations that range and this is about the uniqueness of cucak ijo , to be competed in a number of contests often birds , both by local as well as the national .

Due to bird ringing cucak ijo more variety to type males , and the motion is also more aggressive , up -type males maintained more than the female type . Consequently, there is a difference in terms of tone and agility also makes cucak ijo male bird price is more expensive than the female type .

Cucak Ijo - Ronggolawe
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Along with the many diverse bird contest cucak ijo last done this , make the existence of this bird are also more and more maintained .

Steps to keep birds cucak ijo
For you as a beginner who wish to maintain bird cucak ijo , then the chances of this website ( blog ) cyber karo pingin sharing information about how to move in order to keep the birds cucak ijo gacor , until very likely to win the race varied bird contest .

As for the birds cucak ijo treatment step can be published here starts from treatment cages , to feed the birds that you can see the details below .

1 . Cages
Birds have cucak ijo cii features that nimble leap and often do , to take note of determining an appropriate enclosure , the enclosure preparation rather large and two blades are placed inside the crossbar tangkirangan area in order to make it as convenient perch for birds cucak ijo your future .

If you will follow the contest , then a good cage used Sanghai kind , in the form of an elongated circular prepared feed 2 side areas , where each area is used to feed voer and Kroto . besides it takes too prepared an area for storing drinking water birds .

At the time the birds can be bred in order to conceive , then make sure the cage permanan wider . subject addressed so that the birds are not stressed , until the mating system quickly implemented .

2 . Cleanliness cage
When maintaining and keeping cucak ijo , then among the subject matter can not be separated for that you care about the cleanliness of the cage . hygiene and sanitation of the cage always need to make sure you look at the birds cucak ijo that your pet is always in a healthy situation and avoid various diseases . make sure that the bird cage is cleaned regularly every other day .

Try also to clean the existing kotoron on basic bird cage with steps running down to the water , and sprayed them with liquid remover germ that has been commonly used as a bathroom cleaner . also waste leftovers to avoid mold and mildew that accumulates on the former food and drink . do drying cage under the morning sun to dry .

3 . Feeding the birds
Cucak ijo habitannya usually eat insects in the wild . besides that this bird will consume grains and fruits . because when you keep birds cucak ijo , it has been a necessity for you to provide the meal is done with a scheduled . for the main feed you can give voer , grasshoppers , and caterpillars bamboo . besides that you can also give additional feed kepok banana-shaped and ripe papaya .

Due to the rainy season birds prone to disease , it is a good idea to provide prevention -shaped feed Kroto , and live crickets . also look at the rest of drinking water so that there is always good .

4 . Shower
Due cucak ijo bird is in the type of birds that prefer a shower to wash yourself , then it helps you provide a special enclosure for a shower . This sometimes you have prepared in containers made of plastic , and given enough water . ( Read: harga burung cucak ijo )

As a very fitting time to bathe the bird can be done in the morning , ie at 9 . 00 pm to 10 . 30 pm , and in the afternoon at 2 o'clock . 30 pm to 14 . 30 pm .

You also need a look when the weather is cloudy , it 's good for bathing birds do not do . besides shower enclosure area that has been used , well cleaned again , and the water that has been used well soon discarded .

5 . Drying
After you have finished bathing the bird , then the bird so that you do not basking in the sun . This subject is done to avoid the disease . while drying the bird , then you can also clean of dirt and sometimes also of the rest of the food to avoid flies and bacteria .

source: om slamet

Microsoft Teams Up Pebble To Add Support in Windows Phone

Pebble is known as one of the smartwatch popular brand in the world , which can support Android OS and iOS . And yet " touched " Windows . Microsoft saw the gap, with the announced intention to hold Pebble smartwatch orchestrated to work on Windows Phone .
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Reporting from phonearena , the intention is born from the idea of ​​Sam Stokes , an engineer at Microsoft , who want to enter the Windows operating system to Pebble . According to him , Pebble smartwatch is a brand that is widely used throughout the world , and it would be nice if Microsoft could take part in the competition .
Sam Stokes announcing this idea through the blog Microsoft Developer Network ( MSDN ) by stating that the applications in the official Pebble has support for Windows Phone , but he says so far the Microsoft still has limitations . He also spoke with an engineer from Pebble Watch , and surprisingly the engineer said that he did not know that Windows 8 interface similar to the interface they use on the iPhone . And Stokes said that Microsoft will explore the possibility of working with the Pebble Watch .


Handling Canary Bird Hospital

Often I get complaints breeders canary died during hatching. At the time of hatch canary was his physical condition was monitored difficult Because nearly all day in the parent canary brood nest. In addition to a lot of silence in the nests of birds Including canaries are good at hiding pain .... Perhaps natural instinct is still functioning, so as not to fall prey to the wild beasts should show walnut top physical condition. Walnuts will shy look sick when canary feel threatened.
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Walnuts would look sick if the disease is severe enough so that walnuts could not longer hide the actual physical condition . Though a nice walnut healing when pain was still mild ( not severe ) . Market the drug as well as a special multivitamin walnuts still quite hard to find , only in certain places . so seriously ill before the walnuts we should know the early symptoms of sick canaries . As for their characteristics :

1 . Fur looks dull , dirty and not shiny
2 . Glazed eyes sometimes like to close my eyes as sleep
3 . Feathers around the head and neck look creeps

If you look at the characteristics as described above, try to tackle as soon as possible by giving the drug in accordance with the disease , or if deket veterinarian can immediately taken to the vet . After the drug was given canaries next steps are:

1 . Providing warmth
Walnuts ailing physically weak and thus require a comfortable environment to maintain his physical condition . One of the early relief to the sick canary is to provide warmth . To increase the warmth in a cage mounted lamp with a power of about 40 watts .

2 . Provide extra feed
Walnuts are experiencing pain on average less feed , to increase appetite can be favored foods such as walnuts quail egg , mustard seeds or other foods . For specific cases we had to feed the canary to want to eat , the food should be given in the form of porridge ( can use baby porridge )

3 . Provide drinks
Walnuts pain rarely drink , we must help the walnuts to want to drink . Can help provide a way to drink water dripping into the mouth of a walnut , when the water dripping into the mouth of walnuts must be careful not to get into the respiratory cavity . When the canary sick if do not want to bother to incorporate drugs into drinking water walnuts .

4 . Provide peace
The last to recover stamina walnuts should be given calmness , tranquility is a way to give mengerodong canary cage . (see also: jenis burung kenari )

The next step breeder / hobis walnut stock should have special medication or multivitamin walnuts ... because we do not know when our pet canary disease attack . But the main thing is to cope better than cure .

Caring for Marine Habitat Joint Biopalas

Who does not know about the world of migratory birds ? The event, commonly called World migratory Bird Day ( WMBD ) is performed by the world every year in the month of May to preserve the habitat of migratory birds . In 2012 , the event falls on May 12 to 13 One group of nature lovers who participate are Nature Biology and Environmental Studies ( Biopalas ) located in Medan , North Sumatra. Since 2007, the Biopalas in activities relating to migrant birds such as Asian WATERBIRD Census ( AWC ) , WMBD , and monitoring is done on a voluntary basis .
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In WMBD 2012 Biopalas held two events , namely environmental seminar on migrant birds and direct observation in the field. Seminar conducted on May 9, 2012 at the Campus Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Sumatera Utara ( USU ) , Medan . Soldering - Ferry Hasudungan from Wetland International Indonesia Programme , Hasry Abdillah Sumatran Rain Forest Intitute (SRI ) North Sumatra , and Chairunas Adha Putra as bird - lovers featuring the rescue of migrant waterbirds and their habitats.

While direct observations made ​​in the village of Pleasant Point , Pumpkin Beach district , Deli Serdang Regency . This activity is the most I wait , because we can meet a variety of migrant birds ! USU students , the board of non-governmental organizations , and a number of journalists from Inside Indonesia participated in the event. The results of our days numbered approximately 286 pieces ranging from Limosa lapponica , mongolus Charadrius , Charadrius leschenaultia , Pluvialis squatarola , Limnodromus semipalmatus , Tringa tetanus , Xenus cinereus , Numenius phaeopus , Sterna albifrons , Sterna Hirundo , Butorides striata , Mycteria cinerea , Ardea alba and Egretta garzetta .
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This activity is of course not just mere entertainment , but also has many benefits for society Especially add insight about how to keep the habitat of seabirds and rich North Sumatra province , particularly shore .

Doing Yoga During Pregnancy Is it safe? Doctor's Word

Doing Yoga During Pregnancy Is it safe? Doctor's Word

To maintain fitness during pregnancy , pregnant women need to exercise . One sport that pregnant women are now being popular prenatal yoga . Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy is done ?

According to gynecologist Dr Sardjito Hospital , Dr M Nurhadi Rahman , SpOG , prenatal yoga safely carried by pregnant women . But before doing yoga , there are several important factors that should be considered .

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" Yoga is safe to pregnant women , but should be distinguished whether the mother had ever or have never done yoga . Also to consider whether there are other diseases , or whether the pregnancy was fine , " he said on detikHealth and written on Tuesday ( 04/08/2014 ) .

According to the specialist in obstetrics gynecology , yoga should be performed when the pregnancy has been on top of the second trimester of pregnancy or after reaching fourteen weeks . Because , doing yoga during pregnancy is still too young can harm the fetus .

Some of the benefits of yoga for pregnant women , according to a doctor who is familiarly called Dr. Adi it , is as a means of physical exercise , strengthening the pelvic floor muscles , and breathing training . These things are very important role in childbirth . By doing yoga , he added , pregnant women are also trained to be calm .

" What is also important , yoga is beneficial in order to relax the mother , do not stress , uncomfortable , not panic . Relaxed is required at delivery . Increasingly mother relax , the more easily during delivery , the mother is different from tense , " he explained .
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Regarding physical activity is recommended for pregnant women , Dr. Adi added a row of the list in addition to yoga . Among light jogging , swimming , and riding a stationary bike . Vigorous exercise such as basketball , a sport full of physical contact such as martial arts , as well as diving is not he suggest for pregnant women .