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Pentagon Still Rely on BlackBerry

U.S. Department of Defense still can not seem to switch from BlackBerry devices . This is evident from the large number of use of the product in the new Pentagon management system .

Since the year 2012, the Pentagon run transition management system , from tethered workstations to access information via the mobile . As quoted from Phone Arena , Monday ( 01/20/2014 ) , the idea behind the project worth 16 billion U.S. dollars this is to ensure that the data belonging to 300,000 military does not leak while the mobile users .
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This transition is said to be completed and the new management system began to run on January 31 .

Well , to access the new system , the Pentagon set up and enabled tens of thousands of mobile devices , which is dominated by products made ​​by BlackBerry .

The Pentagon said it would turn 80,000 1,800 BlackBerry devices and iOS and Android -based products .

These devices consist of third and fourth generation iPad , iPhone 4S , iPhone 5 , Samsung 10.1 -inch tablet , the Samsung Galaxy S III , and the Motorola Droid RAZR .

The series of products that will use BlackBerry still has not been disclosed by the Pentagon .

Later , all the devices that go into this project can access a specific application store , the encryption key for the Ministry of Security , and e - mail enterprise . At the end of May , the user will get an update that allows them to edit Microsoft Office documents .

BlackBerry does look very confident for this security issue . Previously , John Chen , CEO of Interim BlackBerry , BlackBerry phones have revealed that , due to its security features , is still the main choice , even irreplaceable in the U.S. Government .
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According to him , there is only one device that gets the status " may be used " in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security , the BlackBerry .

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