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XP Users Will Move to the Cloud

REDMOND - Expiry date Windows XP operating system that the closer makes many users switch to a newer operating system . Analysts predict , Windows XP users will switch to a cloud-based operating system .
Surveys conducted by the cloud service provider company , Evolve IP , says there are several options that are owned and desired by the users of Windows XP OS . Windows 7 operating system , 8.1 , and even Linux had become their choice . However, the cloud-based operating system is also expected to be a lot of demand.
Evolve IP conducted a survey of 1,000 IT experts and get the data that as many as 17.5 percent of the respondents plan to migrate from Windows XP to the cloud .
While 64.5 percent still consider switching to a cloud-based operating system . And the remaining 45 percent still believe in the old school operating system . Similarly, as reported by Softpedia , Thursday ( 23/01/2014 ) .(see also: Harga HP)
Sebagain information , the operating system is a cloud-based service that allows computer users to run a computer along with the OS , programs , and data using cloud computing . Which means that the entire system relies on the computer that provides cloud services . In short , a person only needs an internet connection to operate a computer with hardware that is owned by a potluck . ( amr )
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