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AR-L10 Portable Solar Lamp | Lampu emergency Tenaga Surya

Lampu emergency surya
Lampu emergency Surya
Lights dynamic design , serves as a solar emergency lights ,
so just enough sunlight on the solar panel , the light automatically saved
so the product is highly energy efficient , can be used wherever practical and environmentally friendly .
can also be used to charge the batery on gadgets ( Nokia , Erikson )
available in a wide selection of colors , easy to carry
and used for various purposes such as : (Read: lampu emergency led surya )
Emergency Lights / Emergency Lights
light sleeper
Outdoor Lights
Having a light modes that can be adjusted all the needs .
Lighting Moda Light and Duration :
Light Mode 1 : 4 Hours
Light Mode 2 : 6 Hours
Color Options :
Red , blue , yellow .
1 Year Warranty . New Replacement .
( Guarantee valid for the warranty sticker is not damaged and the casing is not defect )
Lampu emergency Surya
Lampu emergency Surya
The light generated in the eye comfortable , coated by doft panel .
LED lamp with approximately 50,000 hours of light duration .
Practical , energy-efficient and cost-effective ( cost -free care , enough sunlight )
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