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Here, the tablets are not selling well and compete with PC

The Glory of the tablet device that started in 2012 yesterday did not happen in Japan .

A new research report from Life Media , said that if the majority of the Japanese population states still require a tablet device , as reported by VR - Zone ( 18/1 ) .
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The study included 3,600 correspondent if this results in fact 72.6 percent of the thousands of correspondents states do not want to have a tablet device .

The majority of correspondents indicate if they would be fine as long as they have a PC computer . Besides other reasons of their unwillingness to have a tablet is because they do not aspire to have a tablet device ( 35.7 percent ) , smartphones sufficient for the needs of mobile devices ( 29.7 percent ) , and the price of the tablet is too expensive ( 14.6 per cent ) .

In addition, it is unknown if from a correspondent who do not have a tablet , 54 percent of them said if they do not want to have a tablet device . While 40.2 percent of the remaining states if possible they would buy a tablet in the future .

Meanwhile 18.8 percent of the correspondents who have correspondents who have a tablet , 45.1 percent of them also mention if they still need a PC in their daily activities .
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With this study , at least the future of the PC is still insufficiently developed in the land of rising sun .

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