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Doing Yoga During Pregnancy Is it safe? Doctor's Word

To maintain fitness during pregnancy , pregnant women need to exercise . One sport that pregnant women are now being popular prenatal yoga . Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy is done ?

According to gynecologist Dr Sardjito Hospital , Dr M Nurhadi Rahman , SpOG , prenatal yoga safely carried by pregnant women . But before doing yoga , there are several important factors that should be considered .

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" Yoga is safe to pregnant women , but should be distinguished whether the mother had ever or have never done yoga . Also to consider whether there are other diseases , or whether the pregnancy was fine , " he said on detikHealth and written on Tuesday ( 04/08/2014 ) .

According to the specialist in obstetrics gynecology , yoga should be performed when the pregnancy has been on top of the second trimester of pregnancy or after reaching fourteen weeks . Because , doing yoga during pregnancy is still too young can harm the fetus .

Some of the benefits of yoga for pregnant women , according to a doctor who is familiarly called Dr. Adi it , is as a means of physical exercise , strengthening the pelvic floor muscles , and breathing training . These things are very important role in childbirth . By doing yoga , he added , pregnant women are also trained to be calm .

" What is also important , yoga is beneficial in order to relax the mother , do not stress , uncomfortable , not panic . Relaxed is required at delivery . Increasingly mother relax , the more easily during delivery , the mother is different from tense , " he explained .
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Regarding physical activity is recommended for pregnant women , Dr. Adi added a row of the list in addition to yoga . Among light jogging , swimming , and riding a stationary bike . Vigorous exercise such as basketball , a sport full of physical contact such as martial arts , as well as diving is not he suggest for pregnant women .

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