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Caring for Marine Habitat Joint Biopalas

Who does not know about the world of migratory birds ? The event, commonly called World migratory Bird Day ( WMBD ) is performed by the world every year in the month of May to preserve the habitat of migratory birds . In 2012 , the event falls on May 12 to 13 One group of nature lovers who participate are Nature Biology and Environmental Studies ( Biopalas ) located in Medan , North Sumatra. Since 2007, the Biopalas in activities relating to migrant birds such as Asian WATERBIRD Census ( AWC ) , WMBD , and monitoring is done on a voluntary basis .
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In WMBD 2012 Biopalas held two events , namely environmental seminar on migrant birds and direct observation in the field. Seminar conducted on May 9, 2012 at the Campus Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Sumatera Utara ( USU ) , Medan . Soldering - Ferry Hasudungan from Wetland International Indonesia Programme , Hasry Abdillah Sumatran Rain Forest Intitute (SRI ) North Sumatra , and Chairunas Adha Putra as bird - lovers featuring the rescue of migrant waterbirds and their habitats.

While direct observations made ​​in the village of Pleasant Point , Pumpkin Beach district , Deli Serdang Regency . This activity is the most I wait , because we can meet a variety of migrant birds ! USU students , the board of non-governmental organizations , and a number of journalists from Inside Indonesia participated in the event. The results of our days numbered approximately 286 pieces ranging from Limosa lapponica , mongolus Charadrius , Charadrius leschenaultia , Pluvialis squatarola , Limnodromus semipalmatus , Tringa tetanus , Xenus cinereus , Numenius phaeopus , Sterna albifrons , Sterna Hirundo , Butorides striata , Mycteria cinerea , Ardea alba and Egretta garzetta .
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This activity is of course not just mere entertainment , but also has many benefits for society Especially add insight about how to keep the habitat of seabirds and rich North Sumatra province , particularly shore .

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