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Microsoft Still Confused Rename its Mobile Devices

Microsoft has officially acquired the mobile division of Nokia ( Nokia Devices ) , by completing all of its obligations to take over the division of the cell phone maker Nokia . And in this case Microsoft is not going to use the name as a brand Lumia and Asha phones and tablets at Microsoft in the future .
Microsoft does have licensed the Nokia name for ten years as part of a cooperation agreement , which allows Microsoft to continue selling products Nokia Lumia models without having to change the device name . And what about the name of Microsoft's mobile devices in the future after ending its partnership with Nokia ?
Reporting from PhoneArena , Microsoft Mobile Oy is a subsidiary of Microsoft that name telahmenjalin cooperation with Nokia Devices and Services . Well , Microsoft sent a letter to the vendor , ask for an invoice to be dikirim.Tapi Microsoft was still confused with a new name for the smartphone besutannya .
Many people predict various possible use of the name Microsoft's future mobile devices , one of which is the use of the name Microsoft Surface . Microsoft has successfully used the name " Surface " in marketing for a line of tablets . Even last September 2013 , there is speculation that Microsoft has produced a prototype Microsoft Surface mobile phone .
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