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The rhythm of the song that birds' Green Cucak very important role in bird race Cucak dalampenilaian Green . Since the return to the philosophy of birds chirping , the main attraction of birds chirping is the ability berkicaunya ( rhythm track ) .
burung masteran

Selecting sounds for the birds Cucak Green master must not focus simply selecting voices and master the unique sounds nice .
There are several things that need our attention ;
Conformity between the rhythm of the song and the frequency of the sound master with burungandalan us . Incompatibility with bird sound master -key will cause the song and not pleasant to hear .
Trend Following existing song . For example bulge and shots that are loved at the moment is meeting varied by speed bumps with rhythm tracks that ngeroll .
Variations fancy rhythm . The meaning of the song rhythm that luxury here is not that loud sound bulge , but we should be able to choose the voices of masters who have variations in line speed and rhythm of the song that has twisted and floated .
Very many methods and ways that can be done in the prosespemasteran birds chirping . And also a lot of myths evolved in practice the wrong field .
One of the strange myths that developed , the bird would have to see the master in a master bird , so the bird can master that in imitating the sound of birds and how to master the open mouth . Another myth is that the process must wait pemasteran birds chirping bird feather or a change in the state of moult .
actually ; Pemasteran can we do not have to wait berkicaudalam birds moult or molt state . Birds chirp in normal circumstances , even in a state of top form has also to do pemasteran .
There is a myth that says the birds have to wait for future pemasteran birds moult . The reason being ; At the time of moult , birds chirping a lot tend to be quiet and very rarely chirp . Birds are mostly silent on the moult , tend to use more time to listen and process the sounds around him . If the sound is heard in accordance with the typical character of her voice , it will be recorded and simulated .
The key to success in birds memaster Cucak Green is memaster burungdengan master sounds ( bird master ) suitable and in accordance with the basic character of the songs that will be on the master bird ( avian mascot ) .
One more important thing , do not forget to always play the sounds of the master periodically ( feedback ) to the Green Cucak bird . So that the rhythm of a song that already exists is not lost and become damaged .

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