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Providing Benefits for Singing Bird eggfood like walnuts


Gacor or walnuts which have often chirp chirping is the desire of all the mania , but of course there is the desire of the issues that make these desires is not achieved gacor alias . some things that make us not gacor walnuts certainly caused by several reasons , for example : the bird vitamin deficiency , an uncomfortable place , or because of the stress caused by several factors . however, if your bird vitamin deficiency we have interesting tips that can make your birds chirping and a healthier back , one way is to provide nutritious feed supplement , commonly referred to as eggfood . The extra food can actually be given to all the birds chirping , but of course the recipes given also clearly different , such as food for insectivorous or grains .
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for this discussion we will give you a little explanation of eggfood given for walnuts .
The raw material for the manufacture of eggfood is :

1 . Cereals that have a high protein , can you provide spoon approximately 8
2 . Prepare hard boiled eggs , and grind until the eggs into small pieces ( size 2 teaspoons )
3 . Poppy seed add approximately 1/2 teaspoon .
4 . Birdmineral or birdvit .

for ways to mix it:

all these ingredients mixed together until uniform , then give it a little water until the dough becomes soft , try not too sticky .

after the dough so it is a few steps you have to do is to cool it in the refrigerator , but when you want to give it to your pet bird should eggfood then the first left room is open , this is the food to cool , then sprinkle birdvit as complementary .

some usability and results that will be obtained after you give the birds chirping eggfood are :

1 . The growth of young birds will be faster
2 . Birds will look more active and healthy , it will certainly make it more and more often to berikicau
3 . For the farmers , for the third point is quite exceptional benefits , which can accelerate the process of pairing up with productivity .  ( Read: egg food untuk lovebirds )

Nb . eggfood provision should be made ​​for 3 days.
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