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Tips on Caring for the Red Anis Jams Sound

Some of the birds mate, must have known bird Anis Punglor Red or Red, or at least heard the name pernahlah bird that is the current trend.

Tips on Caring for the Red Anis Anis BunyiBurung Jams Red, counted among the birds that have the most beautiful voice. The beauty of this bird sounds can also bewitch anyone who heard it. This bird has a red anise intelligence really high, so there is no other voice taught (dimaster) also, this bird can sing berariasi sound, also followed the sounds around him. Because of the advantages of this bird, so its price can soar too high, such as achievements and strengths that have.

This bird red anise, for some admirers of birds chirping, and for some beginners, starting a difficult bird sounds. These birds have a high stress level, until if care is not like a bird to the bird, the bird is also going to "cranky", and stop chirping. Beyond that, if the cage fell, sliding cage, unlike the extra fooding, indiscriminate treatment and most other triggers, this will cause the birds stop chirping.

Surely this kind of thing that would make sad to have this bird red anise. Stop singing can also throughout many months. Until that sometimes have spontaneous avian bird sale at a low price. With estimates of these birds would not go off again.

Then, most of the events, when purchasing bird bird red anise in the market in sound situation, but when brought back to the shelter, the bird suddenly will not sound again, in other words the whole jam.
Certainly many of the above will make the disappointment that has birds.

There is one way or tips that could be given one peer, how to care for red anise jam sound. When I call someone colleague, and told me about the bird red anise is not going to sing, even though at first my bird red anise is an avid bird chirping.

Bird red anise note'm asking in all his wishes, with other meanings made her happy, well here are surefire tips red anise jam sound treatment:

Birds released at 5. 00th morning, a little spray with a sprayer, give crickets and Kroto clean 2 tail bit, then hung on gantangan as high as approximately 4 to 5 mtr. up to 7 hours. 00th morning.

Then the birds in the lower cages and spontaneously enter into a bird bath. Let the bird bath to stop it up as much his own, marked by jump to the left and to the right. Then, give another 2 tailed crickets and Kroto clean little, if any give a small worm, the bird in the sun in gantangan as high as 4 -5 mtr. earlier, up to 10 hours. 00. then scaled and birds hanging in deserted areas, eg behind the residence, which is not often passing humans.

In the afternoon, at 4. 00th afternoon, the bird is washed again, and give crickets 2 tails, then dry in the sun for a while to dry, then kerodong as well as put in place to stay, in the room that no other birds.

8 hours. 00th night, the birds removed, then spray with a sprayer gently until slightly damp (do not expose the face of the bird). Then give crickets 2 tails and hanging on the terrace residence, let up to 5 hours. 00th morning (but the area must be safe, so as not to be stolen). After 5 hours. 00th morning, issued a bird and do like some way to the next beginning.

Hopefully this way, in 3-7 days, definitely going back chirping birds, usually starting at 2. 00th night birds will re-train the booms. # PlanetBerita-Bird.
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