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Tips on How to Livestock Birds Lovebird Good

This time I will share the knowledge with agan - agan all , passing on . How Livestock Birds Lovebird .
Birds Lovebird is a type of bird that is beautiful and unique with a variety of diversity to the color of his feathers , and bird flocking and usually  lovebird pastel kuning family . As with any parakeet or canary , lovebird bird is also a type of monogamous birds are faithful to their partners .

In terms of body size , birds Lovebird is a small bird with a size of 13-17 cm and a weight of 40-60 grams . Lovebird is the smallest bird species among the family of parrots . Has a compact body shape , blunt -tipped tail short , sharp beak .

Wild lovebird predominantly green color with different colors on the upper body , depending on the species . Fischer 's Lovebird , Black - cheeked Lovebird , and the Masked Lovebird have a prominent white ring around their eyes . In Indonesia, this type is called lovebird glasses .

If we want to breed birds lovebird , then things must be known in advance was to determine the sex of a lovebird to be mated , it seems to look easy , but sometimes it will be difficult for us to determine the sex of the bird .

Birds Lovebird itself will experience sexual maturity in about 1 year of age . On entering the age of 1 year , you will see new signs of sex in birds lovebird . Abroad, a bird characterized by its female lovebird who likes to rip paper and put it in fur while the stud looks to feed or food that has been spewing dilumatnya .

Physically females have larger pelvic area than males , to lay eggs , and because it tends to be in the hips look wider .
When mating birds must be in a state of Fit and lust really first of all , they should be given a healthy diet with a variety of menus . A mixture of excellent extra fooding , or high -quality grain provided with various types of mixed fresh vegetables , fresh fruits and a certain amount of healthy grains .

Keep in mind that prior to entering the age of 1 year , lovebird should not be mated . Many Lovebird sometimes breed while still immature , so they have not been good at taking care of the child and will give rise to new problems . If lovebird pair supplied in a nest box , then this bird will immediately perform the marriage .

Lovebird experienced a peak period of marriage in the months of temperate heat . Most lovebird require high humidity in the nest during the incubation period . While females will do the work to build a nest ( nest material must be provided ) , males sometimes will help . Lovebird need extra moisture for containing egg .

For lovebird hatching and growth of children , choose a pedestal nests clean of pests . Can the palm fronds are soaked and washed, or fresh green grass that is cut into pieces about 12 cm . this is to facilitate lovebird took them into the nest box .

While the nest box should have enough space for the children , especially birds after hatching . Nest base material should also be provided in case a backup is needed as a supplemental heating . After lovebird started to build a nest , mating will occur . Marriage will happen over and over again and the egg will appear 3-5 days later . The female will spend hours inside the nest box before eggs are laid . When it was not at all disturbed . After the first egg is laid , the next egg will follow every two days to finish usually 4-6 eggs .

Female parent will incubate the eggs for 21-23 days , and typically will receive more attention from males . Just before hatching , the children lovebird will make a slit or a small hole called a pip hole . This allows them to begin to breathe a breath of oxygen . It is also an indication that the child will hatch lovebird perfect at 12-24 hours later .

After hatching lovebird avoid touching children , because the conditions are still fragile . Parent lovebird will feed and care for them . Breastfeeding is a very important first , the mother will supply their children with vomit contains nourishing fluid containing digestive enzymes . If we take a child to be bribed lovebird will only lead the parent reluctant to re- feeding her children .

When the baby begins to mature , the handling time can be increased to 15 minutes , three times a day . This method produces a tame baby bird . After the age of 4 weeks , the majority of children will grow lovebird bird feathers and began to explore the cage , leaving the nest longer and practicing flying , climbing , and exploring objects and toys in the cage .

At the age of 8 weeks . cara beternak burung lovebird male also helps teach children to eat , regular food . Young birds should be removed immediately after they are all independent . Instinctively, the female parent is also trying to encourage the children birds go when they are old enough . Therefore , they must be transferred or parent will endanger them . Rest a few days for the finished lovebird couples produce children . Provide a time lag for issuing the nesting box , cleaning and sterilization .
A few Tips on How Raising Birds Lovebird Mr.Green , may be useful for all ane-ane

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