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If you now like the bird and the bird is now going up daunya . You may also need tips to take care of him and also important how to produce a melodious voice and beautiful . And now many bird contest held in several places , and also the selling price of these birds is very expensive if the bird wins in the contest . And now that sdang brung in the search by the search of birds are birds ciblek .( Read: perawatan burung ciblek )
This bird has 2 types of chest ciblek yellow and white chest , but there is a difference between the two types of birds when the birds are white chest ciblek lost the battle , when the healing process will definitely old birds compared ciblek yellow chest . This bird is very beautiful sound and very tight if the birds are silent emergency tone will sound higher and higher to make the sound good to hear . And it is a reason why people - people choose ciblek for pet birds .
Not only for this type of pet birds often used to fight with a bird like that are often done by some people who liked the fight , and if you win in a fight bird , the bird you can appreciate very expensive , and can sammpai tens of millions to people are mad at the bird . For those of you who have ciblek birds , of course you need a good and nice perwatan so that the bird could produce a melodious voice and nice .
Ciblek bird for a day care - day :
The main foods that must be provided for each day ciblek namely :
Small crickets ( or adult crickets after the cut head , legs and wings )
Caterpillars ( caterpillars can cage / caterpillar hongkong )
Voer soft ( much kicaumania which provide milk powder into voernya )
Treatment for adult birds daily ciblek :
Daily treatment can begin by giving a small crickets 3 tails morning and afternoon
caterpillar ( to UH before giving the good eating caterpillar 's head is cut first , then in order to be great if given a fixed UH white / skin change ) number 3 heads p / s
Kroto good is at least 2 times 1 week or 3 times 1 week .
Voer given voer soft and combined with milk powder .
Drying at least 2 s / d 3 hours a day - day .
At this moment try to keep the bird hanging from a type of bird or avian predators like other woods toed / cendet / pentet .
Paste the female bird / young bird optimum 2 times 1 week throughout - 2 hours , to hone his mental .
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