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How to Distinguish Male and female Murai Batu

To hobies the public still rock thrush , certainly much needed knowledge about how to differentiate male and magpie magpie stone stone female , whether at the time of the magpie stone age still trotol or that would have been even adults Serge . For some people , the way to distinguish male and female magpie stone is easy , but some others , assume that it is very difficult, considering the characteristics of the stone magpie male and female magpies almost similar . Unfortunately , the percentage hobies have difficulty distinguishing trotol magpie rock chick or guy that is more rather than eloquent .
However, based on the various resources available on the internet , there are some bright points how do I differentiate male and female magpie stone . And the subsequent features significant enough to distinguish between male and female magpies .

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1 . Featuring male Shama :

- Large bodied
- Have a strict color -black fur on the head and back , and have chest brown or dark red .
- Long -tailed Shama males are usually more than 17 cm .
- At Twitter, Shama Bulls have enough variation and not monotonic , besides, your volume very loud .
2 . Featuring female Shama :

- The size of the body is small enough
- Has a hair color that is slightly faded almost grayish and not as sharp as male rocks Murai . However , there are cases where the female Shama has a color identical to male .
- Long -tailed Shama Murai females are shorter than males , length approximately 10 s / d 15 cm, though in some cases no longer .
- I owned Murai female are slim and not variatis , sometimes even just ngeban - ngeban only.( Read: murai batu kalimantan )

Perhaps the characteristics of male and female magpie miles above can be used as a guide in selecting Shama trotolan or Serge although the information is still incomplete .
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