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How to Install Apps / Games from SD Card on Windows Phone

Generally , install the application on a mobile phone based on Windows Phone , Android and iOS can be done directly through the store ( app store ) default handset . However , this process is sometimes hampered by unstable internet connection , or it could be the size of large files and applications that will certainly drain your data quota package .
For example Asphalt game 8 : Airborne which has a size of about 820 MB installation file . With a file size of it , of course you will think again if you want to download it directly from the phone . ( Read: harga hp 2014 )
Do not be discouraged yet , the article made ​​Microsoft's latest update allows you to download an install file ( mentahan ) apps / games from the Windows Phone Store to your PC / Computer . Furthermore , you can install the file to the phone via the SD Card that the average has been widely supported by current Windows Phone handsets .
Then , how? Here's a guide :
1 . Open from your PC browser , then select the tab Apps + Games .
2 . Choose application or game you want. In this tip , choose a game Asphalt PULSE 8 : Airborne with a file size of 820 MB .
3 . On page ditel games / apps , scroll down until you find a link that says " Download and Install manualy " . Click on the link to get the installer file that you select the game .
4 . Wait until the download is complete , depending on your internet connection .
5 . Having the game installer file is downloaded , copy the file to the root directory of the SD Card in Windows Phone .
6 . If the installer file copy process is complete , open the tab " Store " on your Windows Phone . The next display , you will find a new directory which is the SD Card . If not appear , wait a while , or you can also reset Windows Phone first.
7 . Open the directory of the SD Card , and you 'll find a list of games that were previously downloaded . ( Read: harga hp murah )
8 . To install it , select the game / application and click the " Install " . The installation process will run automatically like you install the application directly from the Windows Phone Store . The difference is, the process required by the SD Card is shorter / faster , because you do not need to download it again .
9 . Yeah , the game installation / Windows Phone apps from the SD Card is completed and you can run it directly .
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