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Smart Tips Choosing a Qualified Blackthroat Birds

Bird Serinus blackthroat with the Latin name of this original Atrogularis come from Africa . This bird only has the size of a thumb less hands of adults and color brown some people argue that the bird could steady rhythm distinctive tone . Strains of bird sound Blackthroat uninterrupted length with high and low tones make some people were amazed at the bird . When these birds are generally kept at home can be lonely original home when it was also crowded and the atmosphere is more vibrant look that long because his voice to sound crowded . Blackthroat relatively expensive price of a bird , because the bird is not only coming from Indonesia and is imported birds , then the price is determined on the dollar value of the rupiah change .

Surely with a fairly high price to make some novice who must maintain pingin think 2 x . To buy the bird we should have tips that really cook up so useless when we do not buy it . Not only must the male bird who purchased also need attention to their physical characteristics .
Physical Characteristics Bird Blackthroat Qualified

To choose a good posture good posture make sure blackhtroat with long slightly rounded . Blackthroat with robust body , large and generally mentally good length and long tones can also characterize that unnatural blackhtroat problem or not hindered its growth .
Make sure the chest is well-built and the field is not only easy on the eyes also hinted that the blackthroat have a loud and harsh tone volume , loud blackthroat which is not only beautiful to hear but when we revealed in an exact match can be brave when make itself heard in the field and can bring down the mental lawannnya .

Ribbon at the neck and a faint black color big head rather long and tapering form of small and rounded . Make sure the bird with no bulges protruding out of the anus of green beans with fur rawis flat and there's only a hole for discharge .
Look for a bird with no beak looks thin not thick , long and balanced where the bottom side and the upper half of the time the bird must be silent meeting , these characteristics imply that the bird has a loud tone . When the bird was look and listen to the sound of the tone of his voice did not falter loud and have a lot of variety as well as the neck suggests a good bird .

Just look at his eyes if either mentally sharp blackthroat characterize , and healthy . The good must not chosen because blackthroat the sad-eyed bird can characterize weak or unhealthy .
Pay attention to the color of his fur if it is sunny , not only just add to the beauty of the bird but the bird can characterize either of care or mental .
That is no less absolute also see the total bird does seem flawed or not , because if the defect can be bred when less success . Natural ordinary finches that defects in the foot , probably due to pests entangled or disturbed as a child , then the sides must obtain special attention when choosing blackthroat .
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