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Easy Ways to Make Twitter Accounts Through Mobile

What's up buddy visitors everything! Moga on healthy ² wrote it! Amen.
As per the title above, in this post I will explain how to create a twitter account through HP, including HP twitteranya was through! Not easy to make a twitter account through HP, because HP can not load all the pages are quite large! Well there is a solution but a scar, HP following specific ways users list:

1. Http:// Go to fill all field with pal circumstances.
2. If so click SIGN UP.
3. Wait a moment, maybe later will be transferred to some pages so please be patient.
4. If the transfer of the page is complete, you will get into your account, now click on the settings down and see the name pengunamu record, will be in use at login, but it could also be replaced afterwards!
5. Directly first confirmation email. ( Read: cara membuat twitter )
6. If so, now open again page and login as usual.
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