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Tips to tame the Wild Kacer

Many of the chirping mania was having trouble finding a way to tame kacer , whether it kacer pot ( algebra ) or black kacer ( East Java ) . What cause ? Kacer is usually easy - kacer Forest . So if early treatment is not effective, the bird opened it even more giras more benign . Unfortunately , there is no fixed rule on this issue . Each person usually has a different way to tame kacer.Dan bad , not all of the opinion that there can be applied to our kacer birds each. There needs to be modified to be adapted to the condition of the bird at the time " this " . However , in broad outline , how to tame kacer pot or black kacer is as follows :   ( Read: suara kacer )

If the bird is still visible stress , first exiled to a deserted place that looks comfortable in his cage birds
Kacer bathe regularly ( morning / afternoon ) until soaked.

Attain a bird in a state of hunger and love extra foodingjangkrik by hand . If the bird has not dared to peck jangkriknya , teach it slowly with the aid of a stick . Crickets at last turned off at the end of the stick in place . After that we just love to birds . For starters , it may be put on a long stick .

Then gradually using a stick that is being , short- hand and tried passing directly
Avoid pengerodongan except at night .
Bushel in a crowded place traversed by people .
( Read: kacer gacor )

Bushel at that low ( as a reference may be 1 meter above the ground )
This is the last way if the above methods do not work . Leave the bird to a family or friend who has a stall in the traditional market . With digantang market , usually within 1 month , kacer pot or kacer young black forest will soon adapt to the environment .

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