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Various Kinds of Bird Diseases

1 . Stools Lime In Birds :
It is often encountered and without us knowing if it was a regular white Boker let's see

Ni symptoms om :
The disease is usually common in birds and bird droppings will look like watery and white and rectal birds will look wet , and the activities of the birds will be sluggish and dull hair does not look fresh , down or drooping wings could also be a reduced appetite and birds looks sleepy and fur like creeps .

How to prevent it :  ( Read: penyakit burung merpati )
Should be required to maintain the cleanliness and bird cages , as well as dining and drinking bird cage should be clean and if you can not ever be sprayed with disinfectant , then separate the bird so as not to infect other birds .

Treatment om ni ways :
Try Vitatetrachlor mixed with water , apply a dose of appropriate doses , can also be treated with Sulfamix given orally ( by mouth bird ) .

2 . Respiratory :
Well khan ndak only human you know who wrote susceptible to flu hehehhe .... turns out the birds can also let's you know the symptoms and factors ketaui

The symptoms om ...
Birds frequent sneezing , at night the cold weather breathing snoring , nose moist / wet slimy , and decreased activity or movement of birds

How to prevent it :
To overcome respiratory disease that can be done is as follows :
Birds infected with respiratory diseases to be isolated in separate cages and treated so as not contagious to other birds .
Cage , eating , and drinking places is always controlled and all impurities contained in a cage or in a container of food / drinks are always cleared .
The food will be provided washed and dried to remove the possibility of residues of agricultural pesticides that endanger the health of the birds .
Drink dirty water immediately replaced with a clean , fresh , healthy , and do not contain toxic materials that endanger the health of the birds . To drink boiled water to a boil first to kill all types of pests that are in it .
Hold the bird by lapu lighting at night with the goal of keeping the body temperature in birds stay warm
Treatment om ni ways :
Try the Super - N mixed with water , apply a dose corresponding doses ya know .....

3 . Lice Bird
Birds are also often attacked by bird lice so that the process of production and hatching eggs are incubated undisturbed . Bird lice that attack will lead to male birds voices to be reduced . Bird lice infested birds showing signs of restlessness , often biting fur .
Sound frequency is reduced , if the feathers would look revealed that the fleas move between fur . If not treated promptly , bird lice infested birds become gradually decreased body weight , appetite will decrease , and eventually die .

Ni few major factors causing bird lice attack
Conditions cage dirty , damp , smelly , and a rare bird bath . Prevention of bird lice can be done by keeping the cage , providing enough water for a shower , and birds often dried .

Treatment om ni ways :
Precisely because we are not a treatment deh try it on my own, hehehe ....
Tips from aq if the bird is suffering from bird lice prepare hanyat water as you bathe a baby warm anyway cousin deh bird sword then you then enter into the warm water for several minutes, rinse the wings of a bird in the water . if it is then re-enter the cage well aerated . Do it every morning and evening when the afternoon or evening after a bath so was put tu lighting the lamp near the bird so the bird is not too cold .

4 . Wormy ( Read: penyakit burung budgie )
Wormy is a type of disease that attacks the digestive tract and liver . The cause of intestinal worms are worms , namely hookworm , roundworm , tapeworms , and heartworms . Attack signs of intestinal worms that can be seen is less passionate bird , seen ngantukan , weakness , decreased appetite , irregular fur , liquid dirt , and bird weight decreased .

Ni several factors
Conditions cage and places to eat / drink dirty . Prevention against intestinal worms can be done by keeping the cage , the feeding , and watering . Therefore , cages , feeders , and watering should always be controlled and cleaned and all kinds of dirt from becoming a nest of worms .
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