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Birds cucak ijo that bird has the Latin name chloripsis sonnerati chloropseidae counted in groups and has signs of dark green hair color for male birds , and has a light green fur for the female . is popular with bird chirp tone variations that range and this is about the uniqueness of cucak ijo , to be competed in a number of contests often birds , both by local as well as the national .

Due to bird ringing cucak ijo more variety to type males , and the motion is also more aggressive , up -type males maintained more than the female type . Consequently, there is a difference in terms of tone and agility also makes cucak ijo male bird price is more expensive than the female type .

Cucak Ijo - Ronggolawe
( Read: cucak ijo trotol )

Along with the many diverse bird contest cucak ijo last done this , make the existence of this bird are also more and more maintained .

Steps to keep birds cucak ijo
For you as a beginner who wish to maintain bird cucak ijo , then the chances of this website ( blog ) cyber karo pingin sharing information about how to move in order to keep the birds cucak ijo gacor , until very likely to win the race varied bird contest .

As for the birds cucak ijo treatment step can be published here starts from treatment cages , to feed the birds that you can see the details below .

1 . Cages
Birds have cucak ijo cii features that nimble leap and often do , to take note of determining an appropriate enclosure , the enclosure preparation rather large and two blades are placed inside the crossbar tangkirangan area in order to make it as convenient perch for birds cucak ijo your future .

If you will follow the contest , then a good cage used Sanghai kind , in the form of an elongated circular prepared feed 2 side areas , where each area is used to feed voer and Kroto . besides it takes too prepared an area for storing drinking water birds .

At the time the birds can be bred in order to conceive , then make sure the cage permanan wider . subject addressed so that the birds are not stressed , until the mating system quickly implemented .

2 . Cleanliness cage
When maintaining and keeping cucak ijo , then among the subject matter can not be separated for that you care about the cleanliness of the cage . hygiene and sanitation of the cage always need to make sure you look at the birds cucak ijo that your pet is always in a healthy situation and avoid various diseases . make sure that the bird cage is cleaned regularly every other day .

Try also to clean the existing kotoron on basic bird cage with steps running down to the water , and sprayed them with liquid remover germ that has been commonly used as a bathroom cleaner . also waste leftovers to avoid mold and mildew that accumulates on the former food and drink . do drying cage under the morning sun to dry .

3 . Feeding the birds
Cucak ijo habitannya usually eat insects in the wild . besides that this bird will consume grains and fruits . because when you keep birds cucak ijo , it has been a necessity for you to provide the meal is done with a scheduled . for the main feed you can give voer , grasshoppers , and caterpillars bamboo . besides that you can also give additional feed kepok banana-shaped and ripe papaya .

Due to the rainy season birds prone to disease , it is a good idea to provide prevention -shaped feed Kroto , and live crickets . also look at the rest of drinking water so that there is always good .

4 . Shower
Due cucak ijo bird is in the type of birds that prefer a shower to wash yourself , then it helps you provide a special enclosure for a shower . This sometimes you have prepared in containers made of plastic , and given enough water . ( Read: harga burung cucak ijo )

As a very fitting time to bathe the bird can be done in the morning , ie at 9 . 00 pm to 10 . 30 pm , and in the afternoon at 2 o'clock . 30 pm to 14 . 30 pm .

You also need a look when the weather is cloudy , it 's good for bathing birds do not do . besides shower enclosure area that has been used , well cleaned again , and the water that has been used well soon discarded .

5 . Drying
After you have finished bathing the bird , then the bird so that you do not basking in the sun . This subject is done to avoid the disease . while drying the bird , then you can also clean of dirt and sometimes also of the rest of the food to avoid flies and bacteria .

source: om slamet
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