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Microsoft Teams Up Pebble To Add Support in Windows Phone

Pebble is known as one of the smartwatch popular brand in the world , which can support Android OS and iOS . And yet " touched " Windows . Microsoft saw the gap, with the announced intention to hold Pebble smartwatch orchestrated to work on Windows Phone .
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Reporting from phonearena , the intention is born from the idea of ​​Sam Stokes , an engineer at Microsoft , who want to enter the Windows operating system to Pebble . According to him , Pebble smartwatch is a brand that is widely used throughout the world , and it would be nice if Microsoft could take part in the competition .
Sam Stokes announcing this idea through the blog Microsoft Developer Network ( MSDN ) by stating that the applications in the official Pebble has support for Windows Phone , but he says so far the Microsoft still has limitations . He also spoke with an engineer from Pebble Watch , and surprisingly the engineer said that he did not know that Windows 8 interface similar to the interface they use on the iPhone . And Stokes said that Microsoft will explore the possibility of working with the Pebble Watch .

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