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Handling Canary Bird Hospital

Often I get complaints breeders canary died during hatching. At the time of hatch canary was his physical condition was monitored difficult Because nearly all day in the parent canary brood nest. In addition to a lot of silence in the nests of birds Including canaries are good at hiding pain .... Perhaps natural instinct is still functioning, so as not to fall prey to the wild beasts should show walnut top physical condition. Walnuts will shy look sick when canary feel threatened.
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Walnuts would look sick if the disease is severe enough so that walnuts could not longer hide the actual physical condition . Though a nice walnut healing when pain was still mild ( not severe ) . Market the drug as well as a special multivitamin walnuts still quite hard to find , only in certain places . so seriously ill before the walnuts we should know the early symptoms of sick canaries . As for their characteristics :

1 . Fur looks dull , dirty and not shiny
2 . Glazed eyes sometimes like to close my eyes as sleep
3 . Feathers around the head and neck look creeps

If you look at the characteristics as described above, try to tackle as soon as possible by giving the drug in accordance with the disease , or if deket veterinarian can immediately taken to the vet . After the drug was given canaries next steps are:

1 . Providing warmth
Walnuts ailing physically weak and thus require a comfortable environment to maintain his physical condition . One of the early relief to the sick canary is to provide warmth . To increase the warmth in a cage mounted lamp with a power of about 40 watts .

2 . Provide extra feed
Walnuts are experiencing pain on average less feed , to increase appetite can be favored foods such as walnuts quail egg , mustard seeds or other foods . For specific cases we had to feed the canary to want to eat , the food should be given in the form of porridge ( can use baby porridge )

3 . Provide drinks
Walnuts pain rarely drink , we must help the walnuts to want to drink . Can help provide a way to drink water dripping into the mouth of a walnut , when the water dripping into the mouth of walnuts must be careful not to get into the respiratory cavity . When the canary sick if do not want to bother to incorporate drugs into drinking water walnuts .

4 . Provide peace
The last to recover stamina walnuts should be given calmness , tranquility is a way to give mengerodong canary cage . (see also: jenis burung kenari )

The next step breeder / hobis walnut stock should have special medication or multivitamin walnuts ... because we do not know when our pet canary disease attack . But the main thing is to cope better than cure .
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