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Profit up 30 %

Kroto needs as feed and feed pet birds caught fish never recede . Even increasing pace increased bird lovers and fishing rod pehobis . Saying no year-round availability Kroto in nature can meet the need for market . To appear ant farming venture opportunities rangrang Kroto producer . As far as the prospects and development efforts ?( Read: cara ternak kroto )

Almost all lovers of chirping birds and fish hobbyist knows Kroto . Kroto is a child rangrang ant ( Oecophylla smaragdina ) either in the form of eggs, larvae and pupae . Kroto has quite clear white color , containing a lot of water and is rich in protein and vitamins. " All ants can be bred since long. In medieval Europe was over , people kept the ants to eat , the bones will be used as props . Ant rangrang already known since first worldwide since served to dislodge the mites on fruit plantations , coffee, chocolate , etc. . Yet animal ant rangrang as bird feed chatter , a new one grows in Indonesia until two years ago , "says F. Rahardi , agribusiness analyst .

For Kroto supply in the market is highly dependent on the nature of the hunter catches Kroto . Kroto is usually found in the trees , but not every time there especially during the rainy season. It is an effort in order to catch production ternakl Kroto .

Outlook and Competition
According to F. Kroto Rahardi need eggs , larvae , and pupae of ants rangrang pretty good prospects for the current growing pet lovers and pet bird lovers as fishing hobby . Over the years many Kroto hunted from nature, but in the rainy season in natural populations of ants rangrang waning . Up to the middle Kroto reduced supply . Plus pembudidaya ant rangrang producer Kroto not much. This makes any number Kroto harvest from the farmers market adsorbed certainly exhausted .

ant Rangrang
Ant or Oecophylla smaragdina rangrang is kind of fire ants . The little red except Kroto produce fish feed and pet birds chirping , it also has many benefits that the bias applied to the community, also has many benefits for community use . Among the crop pest exterminator and operators . Based on the information and the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health , Ministry of Agriculture , Ant rangrang bias is used to control the caterpillars ever mewabah in Indonesia . So no need to buy another insecticide . In other words, the bias is used in the production of organic agricultural products or suppress the production cost of crops / fruits. Ant rangrang also help pollination of certain crops , and as indicators in a range of circumstances, the air , because it is pe to change the air .

Kroto Breeding is very easy. In addition to rapidly produce , do not require large capital , equipment dibutuhkanpun very simple , namely wooden shelf / bamboo , toples , plastic buckets and cardboard boxes as packaging . Not only that , the feed required for keeping ants rangrang Kroto easy enough to produce , for example, grasshoppers, moths , dot , cockroaches , Laron , waste fish, eggs , meat and sugar water . Ant natural habitat rangrang hanging height , ie 0-800 mdpi . However, all regions in Indonesia actually still is the potential for cultivation Kroto . When it enters its cultivation , height is not more of an issue because of the bias investigated by various methods . The important thing to note is that diternakan rangrang ant to be krotonya do not get hit by high winds, direct sunlight or rain water because it can make the ants die . So instead Kroto livestock enterprises can be done at home or warehouse . You can also membudidaya Kroto naturally, such as ants keep rangrang in the form of annual tree fruit tree whose leaves are wide, like mango , jackfruit , mahogany, pink water , cashew , kapok and so on . But this way is rarely used if to catch the production , because the growth of the ants difficult to control . In cultured Kroto trends are shifting , instead of cattle Kroto done in bamboo stick , now there is an easier way and can be handled. Because of the way long enough to make people trouble when harvesting , where ants rangrang unruly because out of bamboo when cut in the harvest Kroto use . As experienced Marya Ulfa , ranchers Kroto Bogor. Now how to use the latest in farm Kroto toples fired plastic as a means for the storage and shelf toples . Other ants are not guaranteed to run, the harvest Kroto also not difficult . In this way , the result Kroto was much cleaner than natural catch , so traders will very like it. Rangrang ants naturally can produce Kroto of 1 kg for 10 days.

Marketing .
Kroto largest potential market is the preservation of birds chirping , anglers and fishermen. Then selling becomes easier , if breeders are easy to sell and the price is more expensive than if you sell a dead Kroto alias in dry form . Price Kroto dry average 50 % lower than fresh Kroto . That's because the birds generally prefer Kroto survivor. Unfortunately Kroto life only lasted for 2-3 days. Kroto while cleaning can be stored up to 6 months. Currently prices are in the range Rp Kroto . 100-150 thousand / kg , while the price of seed Kroto ( red ants observed to produce Kroto ) Rp . 65-75 thousand / toples size of 1 liter to Rp . 350 thousand / toples measure 5 liters . Ie marketing chain from producer to pengepul , then sold to merchants / bird feed store , then to a small retailer , then into the hands of consumers . If the farm to take advantage of larger, can directly sell to consumers eg Kroto fishing , fishing or bird pet lovers . For beginners are advised to start this effort by buying seeds Kroto be completed rangrang ant nest ( made ​​up of ant nests containing rangrang ant colony consists of a queen ant , male ants , soldier ants and ant males) are usually sold in toples finish . Then the seeds are conserved Kroto around 4-6 months to produce Kroto at the first harvest , and more can be harvested every day . It's good beginners have a target market , such as fishing and bird lovers or harmfully seller or poultry store nearest shop . Until later , when the seeds were produced , Kroto can be directly sold. Try Kroto can provide in the form of fresh alias alive as well as sale price is more expensive , brurng also prefer the sound of birds chirping and will be better. For starters can be enough to buy 10 seeds toples Kroto .

Big Profit .
You can run the business as a provider of seed Kroto ( ant rangrang observed in toples ) and or breeder Kroto . Each order is equally capable of delivering huge profits above 50 % . As experienced Marya Ulfa , farmers in Bogor Kroto who profited around 66 % and Yudhistira Satyadharma , Kroto seed providers that obtain a large amount of like not having to rent land , given enough done in a room in the house as a warehouse. The ants feed rangrang easy to find and the prices are affordable . Seedlings Kroto ( ant rangrang ) which has produced Kroto can also be harvested every day after preserved for 4-6 months. So do not miss business opportunities Kroto of minimal risk and its market share is still large . Eka (Tim Agrobisnis ) .( Read: cara ternak kroto rumahan )

Breeding efforts Calculation Kroto
Kroto is an alternative feed for the birds and fish that are rich in protein and vitamins. Kroto also create more melodious chirping of birds and more shiny fur . Kroto is rangrang ant eggs , which is a mixture of larvae and pupae of ants rangrang . During this Kroto only catch is based on nature . Unfortunately, at certain seasons , availability of natural thinning Kroto . For the purpose of conducting the effort required to add the supply available in the market . So I wonder now since many farmers , ranchers and producers of the seeds Kroto Kroto leverage these opportunities. Well for those of you interested in the cattle business is a simple Kroto , following the example of the early picture Kroto livestock enterprises .
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