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How to Make a Birdcage Kacer

It is undeniable resentment mixed with sad hearts irresistible look enclosure that is usually filled kacer pet bird flew suddenly disappeared somewhere .
Well ! ! ! this often happens and can happen to us , in addition to improving precision when replacing the bird feed or bathe the bird in the cage so the bird bath kacer not walk away leaving the cage .( Read: sangkar burung terbaru )
In this article will briefly explain on how to make a good bird cage kacer . Cage made ​​of teak wood and bamboo . How to make a bird cage of bamboo can also be , but it is recommended to use the frame teak , while the bars using bamboo .
Tools and materials needed to make a birdhouse Kacer
Tool - tool :
    electric bur
    saws serkel
    press tool to make deruji
    small saws
The materials needed to make a birdhouse Kacer
    wood choices
    bamboo option
    glue alteco
How to manufacture bird cage Kacer
    select the last option saws wood to size and shape
    select bamboo to make the bars
    Pressed bamboo size fits dmasukan
    a danger if readily available materials and then
    make order
    after the order has been finished and stacking / enter grate
    after the last mounted on glue ( Read: sangkar burung kacer )
To note in the manufacture bird cage Kacer
Choose a frame teak wood bird cage , teak wood because having a good quality . Then choose the good bamboo , bamboo without any eye on the press so that when not broken .
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