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Singing Bird Pakualam Cup race Yogyakarta

Singing Bird Pakualam Cup race Yogyakarta
brosur lomba burung
Brosur Lomba Burung
DIY Tourism Office in collaboration with the Indonesian Bird conservers ( PBI ) Singing Bird Race held Pakualam Cup on May 11, 2014 held at Joga Expo Center ( JEC ) . Activity aims to increase the number of tourists through tourist event hobby and also to increase the length of stay and DIY disseminate tourism information directly through the race participants .
" We expect the activity Voice Singing Bird Art Contest by PBI DIY facilitated by the Department of Tourism will be a tourist attraction of its own which followed other tourist event " said Setiawan KE , Subsection Head of Tourism Programs and Information DIY . He added by always innovating and creative power to bring another shoot will make travel more interesting DIY dikunjung throughout the year .
The competition will be attended by about 1,000 participants from all over Indonesia, namely Java , Sumatra , Kalimantan , Sulawesi and Bali as well as from other regions . As with the implementation of the previous years , this event has always attracted strong interest from hobbyists birds from all over Indonesia since become its own prestige Pakualam Cup for the winner . ( Read: jadwal latber jakarta )
Department of Tourism provides a wide range of attractive prizes and door prizes for the participants of the mountain bike , color TV and Mobile .
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