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How to Make Emoticons on Twitter

How to Make Emoticons on Twitter

This time I am back again to share an interesting tutorial, the tutorial which I will share this time is How to Make Emoticons In twitter. Please know, actually twitter does not provide official emoticons. With this tutorial times can select hundreds to thousands of emoticons which is provided directly from Emoji Ok just to the tutorial

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How to Make Emoticons on Twitter

1. Repot2 not need, do not require an application and a lot of ways.
2. Immediately wrote Open this website
3. Copy emoticons that you choose to your twitter status
4. Done

Please open to see how emotnya.

Please know, these emoticons can also be used on Facebook.
Ok, so today's article, just waiting for other interesting articles on this blog. If there are any questions please ask below. Thank you. ( Read: cara membuat twitter di facebook )

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