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How to Make Facebook with Ease

How to Make Easy Facebook Equipped With Pictures - Today anyone who does not have a social network account , which is one of the social networking sites . It could be said that almost all the people in the world be it from the mundane to the president in some countries have a social networking account . And there are several social networking sites or social networking sites are quite popular in the world or in Indonesia alone for the moment , namely Facebook and Twitter . And this time we will discuss about how to make up for a very easy , but we consider first his review first.
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cara membuat facebook
Facebook itself was founded in February 2004, and until September 2012 Facebook has a billion active users , from which it can be seen how Facebook is very popular . Mark Zuckerberg along with fellow students at Harvard University is the inventor and manufacturer of social networking sites on this one . As a popular social networking site Facebook would provide many advantages and convenience for users, such as can be used as a communication medium that is easy and free , can easily make new friends and of course there are many other advantages .
For all those readers who may not have a Facebook account and a little confused with how to make it , take it easy because this time we will discuss it . Facebook itself is also one that is very easy to use and manufacture. First thing in the way of making up , of course we must have an email account first, and only then we go directly to the site at Facebbok so that we can immediately make a new facebook account .
How to Make Easy Facebook Equipped With Pictures
Once we get into the picture above will appear . And on the right side of the readers there will be some empty columns , then how to create a facebook mengsisi that we must first empty column . Empty columns will look like a registration form like the picture below .
In the registration field as shown above we have to fill in the complete self . Starting from the First Name and Last Name and do not forget to enter the email address that we have on the Email . And we re-enter the email address in the field Put Email Birthday . And the last column is that we must fill New Password , in the field we have to fill in passwords or passwords , and better fill password that is not common and can not be known by others , as well as create a password using a combination . After the contents of your date of birth and select gender, and then just click sign up . After that I create will continue with the advent of facebook page like the image below .
How to Make Easy Facebook Equipped With Pictures
In the picture above shows there are a few steps that we should also follow as Step 1 , where we have to find a friend so they can become our friend on Facebook . However , for simplicity we can skip this step and can make friends later , I click " Skip this step " , then we will continue to step 2 as shown below .
How to Make Easy Facebook Equipped With Pictures
Seen in the picture above that we also have to fill in some fields such as high school or college . And if it had worked then there is a column in which companies work and also the residence or in the city where we live . But we can also skip this step and directly proceed to Step 3 , making it appear like the picture below .
How to Make Easy Facebook Equipped With Pictures
In Step 3 we have to fill out a profile photo that will be used in a way to upload it . However , we can also fill out our profile photo later and immediately skip this step . And if we have passed the steps to fill out the profile picture , then we will get into the main Facebook page , but will appear at the top of the messenger to open the email in order to fill in the verification code as shown below .
How to Make Easy Facebook Equipped With Pictures
The figure above shows that we must open our email registration process in order to create a new Facebook account is resolved . And after we opened the email , it will show a message from Facebook that shows like the image below .
How to Make Easy Facebook Equipped With Pictures
After a message from Facebook as shown above appears , then the way to make up for that last only a meklik linkage alone , after the new Facebook ours was ready for use . We can send a message with our friends through wall-to - wall or chat together . Then we can also share photos of our precious moments via Facebook .
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And that last bit of information on how to make Facebook very easily and also to better facilitate image dilenhgkapi again . Hopefully the information about how to make up for this to be useful to all readers , and thank you for reading articles on how to create Facebook .
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